Comprehensive Corporate Trust Services

Amalgamated Bank is a leading provider of Corporate Trust and Agency Services to corporations and tax-exempt entities. Our responsiveness, expertise, sophisticated technology, and commitment to the corporate trust business has enabled us to develop strong, long-term relationships with our customers.

Our Corporate Trust Department serves the fiduciary and administrative needs of corporate, state, and local public institutions that issue bonds, notes, and other debt securities. We currently administer almost two  thousand taxable and tax-exempt debt instruments, representing in excess of $35 billion in principal amount of securities issued and escrows containing almost $3.5 billion in assets.

Our success is directly related to our solid local foundation. We understand the needs of the government and business communities in the Midwest.

Exceptional One-On-One Customized Service

Amalgamated Bank has been a leader in the Chicago financial community since 1922. Today in an age of "mega-bank" mergers and huge national and multinational financial institutions, Amalgamated offers a clear alternative-classic one-on-one personal service. As a nimble, locally owned bank headquartered in Chicago, Amalgamated gives customers what they want and need in corporate trust: customized, comprehensive service delivered by experienced and flexible personnel who are willing and able to make timely decisions to benefit the account relationship. Administration, operations, legal, and management-we perform all corporate trust functions right here in Chicago, so we can react quickly and make decisions without multiple managerial layers and committees.

Our approach to customer service is client-focused and pro-active. Our administrators become true members of the financing team, constantly searching for ways to add value, prevent problems, find innovative solutions, and reduce costs. Because each account is important to us, and we recognize that every customer is unique, the account receives better, more responsive service-the kind of service rarely found in an enormous corporate trust department run by an anonymous, distant bank.

With our professional staff of Certified Corporate Trust Specialists, we offer in-depth experience and expertise in serving as Bond Trustee, Bond Registrar, Paying Agent, Escrow Agent, or Dissemination Agent.

Advanced Systems

Our state-of-the-art trust accounting system produces clear, well organized, and informative statements while giving us quick access to account histories. We offer free, on-line access to our system to allow viewing of account activity and current listings of investments held in accounts. Our Corporate Trust operations system fully automates our bondholder records, debt service payments, and bond call processing, giving us extensive reporting capabilities and fast turn-around to bondholder inquiries.

Competitive Fees

Our corporate trust fees are inclusive, extremely competitive, and uncomplicated. Our adminstrative setup fee, for example, includes all duties associated with the acceptance of an issue, including the review of documents, issuance of certificates, set up of all required trust account and ticklers, etc. Since we use in-house counsel, we do not bill the borrower for any routine legal expenses.

Comprehensive Corporate Trust Services

With our experienced staff and advanced systems, we can facilitate even the most complex deal. We offer everything needed to create, complete, and administer an issue along with the extra benefits of streamlined services, personal attention, and competitive costs. We serve our customers' needs in a variety of ways as:

Our ability to perform an in-house legal review of the indenture and related documents reduces costs. Through our automated sweep of excess funds into overnight investments, the account earns more. Our fiduciary oversight of the debt issue serves to minimize risk.

We can serve as trustee on a variety of debt issues for both tax-exempt and taxable issues, including:

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Our mission emphasizes responsive personal service, competitive pricing, and industry expertise. To find out more about our Corporate Trust Services, please call 312-822-3289.

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