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Board of Directors

Robert M. Wrobel
Chairman of the Board and President
Amalgamated Bank of Chicago

Kenneth D. Bakk, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Lakewood Holdings

Ronald A. Damashek
Stahl, Cowen, Crowley, Addis LLC

Donald Finn
Business Manager/Financial Secretary
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 134

Miriam Lutwak, M.D.

Warren Katz
Morrison & Morrison Ltd.

David E. Knopp
President and Chief Operating Officer - Retired
Amalgamated Bank of Chicago

Gary Perinar
Executive Secretary - Treasurer
Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters

Robert G. Reiter, Jr.
Chicago Federation of Labor

James M. Sweeney
President and Business Manager
International Union of Operating
Engineer, Local Union No. 150

Darrell Williams
Managing Partner
Loop Capital Principal Investments, LLC