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Internet Bill Pay

What is Internet Bill Pay?

Internet Bill Pay is a no cost online bill pay service which allows you to make payments to anyone, anywhere in the United States from your Amalgamated Bank Checking Account. Using Internet Bill Pay not only saves you time, by not having to write those checks and making trips to the mailbox, it also saves you money in the cost of stamps and the money you could save in late fees.

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How do I get started with ABOC Express Internet Bill Pay?

Login to ABOC Express, select the Pay Bills tab on the top. You will need to enter information about the Merchants (Billers) you want to pay. Click on Merchant Accounts to add or edit a merchant. Our easy, step-by step instructions will walk you through the set-up process.

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Can I set up reminders with ABOC Express Bill Pay?

Yes. ABOC Express Bill Pay offers a variety of email reminders, called Alerts, for any of the merchants you have created within Bill Pay. Simply select the Self Service tab to access Alerts.

An email alert can be sent when:

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How do I set up reminders with ABOC Express Bill Pay?

To set up specific alerts in Bill Pay, login to ABOC Express, choose the Pay Bills tab on the top of the page, and select the Self Service tab. Once there select from the option of Alerts and fill in the blanks to create the alert.

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How can I ensure a payment will be processed correctly?

Make sure to update any changes to a merchant's account number or address in the "Merchant Accounts" section of ABOC Express Bill Pay.

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Do I need to notify the billers that I will be using your online Bill Pay service?

No. Once payments are setup the biller will receive a payment just like they would from you. As a follow-up ensure that the correct account number and a current address are used.

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Is there a limit on the number of bills I can pay with Internet Bill Pay?

No. There is no limit to the number of bills that can be paid with Internet Bill Pay.

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How do I know if the payment is paper or electronic?

Most major merchants accept electronic payments. If the merchant does not accept electronic payments, we will mail a paper check. For you to determine if your merchant accepts an electronic payment, always schedule your first payment to a merchant for at least five days before the due date. Once your first payment has been processed, the delivery time appears along with the last payment date below the merchant's name in the Quick Pay section of Bill Pay.

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How are scheduled payments processed with Bill Pay?

Scheduled payments are sent and withdrawn from your account on the scheduled payment date.

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How long does it take to send a payment?

We recommend scheduling payments 2 days before the due date for electronic payments and 5 days for paper to allow enough time for the merchant to process and post the payment to your account.

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